Chemical Industry

Companies working in the chemical industry have an ongoing need for industrial products that are specially engineered to resist the effects of harsh chemical compounds and solvents. Safety and precision are also of paramount importance, and fluid control rates and processes must be carefully managed to ensure efficiency and protect your invaluable materials and human resources.

Advanced Solutions for the Chemical Industry

One of the most unique challenges of the chemical industry is meeting the application-specific needs of our customers. Standard, pre-manufactured products may not offer optimal solutions, which is why we are pleased to provide advanced custom fabrication services driven by advanced engineering and guided by our extensive, industry-specific experience.

Marshall J. Brown’s custom fabrication capabilities include:

  • Custom-designed & specially built basket, simplex, duplex & Y strainers
  • Plate products, including blinds, spacers, sample coolers & small storage vessels, built to your exact specifications

In cases where pre-manufactured products are equal to the dynamic challenges presented by your working environment, we offer a complete inventory of premium-quality products made by the world's most trusted brand-name manufacturers.

Our Product families for the chemical industry include:

  • Strainers
  • Valves
  • Fire protection products
  • Centrifugral separators
  • Pumps

We also carry an extensive range of specialty items, including fiberglass-reinforced plastic strainers engineered to resist the damaging effects of corrosive and dangerous industrial chemicals.

Purchase Valves & Strainers for the Chemical Industry

Marshall J. Brown offers more than 150 years of continuous experience at our family-owned company, which has been meeting the needs of American and international industry since 1952. Whether you are facing molten slurry or corrosive attacks, you can trust our valves to handle any chemical application.

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