Cone Strainers

Temporary Cone StrainerAs a well-respected industrial strainer supplier, Marshall J Brown ensures that our custom cone strainers (also known as temporary strainers), are superior in quality and performance. With over 150 years of combined experience, it remains our commitment to supply our clients with products and customer service that is unmatched anywhere else. This is the reason why we have been the go-to conical strainer supplier to the power, industrial and commercial industries since 1952.

Cone StrainerWe offer a wide assortment of screen types to meet all of your filtration or screening needs. Some of which include: conical strainers, basket or hat strainers, plate strainers and many more custom styles. Please see below for a list of our different screen types.

Cone Strainer Screen Designs:

We understand that not all applications are suitable for off the shelf items, which is why we are well equipped to design a custom cone strainer that will meet your specific needs. We have the resources to offer countless options for your custom filter, screen or strainer.

Conical StrainerWe also offer a variety of other industrial strainers. Let Marshall J Brown be your cone strainer supplier - contact us today for a quote on any of our custom cone strainers.

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