Custom Fabricated Strainers and Plate Products

Marshall J Brown Co is the premier supplier of custom fabricated strainers and plate products. With your specifications and design, MJBC will deliver to you custom strainers and plate products of unrivaled excellence. We have proudly served our clients with expert knowledge and superior products since 1952.

We provide custom fabricated strainers of all sizes and materials for commercial, industrial, and power applications. We supply custom fabricated strainers of several types including:

We also supply custom fabricated plate products of your specification and design including:

  • Blinds
  • Spacers
  • Sample coolers
  • Small vessels

Marshall J Brown Co has faithfully served our clients with professionalism and excellence for five generations. Contact us today to order your custom fabricated strainers and plate products.

Product Line

  • Plate Products:
    • Spectacle Blinds
    • Paddle Blinds
    • Spacer Rings
    • Bleed Rings
  • Strainers/Filters:
    • Fabricated Inline Strainer (Vertical and Horizontal)
    • Tee Strainers
      Y Strainers (fabricated)
    • Duplex Strainer (fabricated)
    • Temporary Strainer
      • Cone
      • Basket
      • Flat
  • Specialty Items:
    • Sample Coolers (low and high pressure)
    • Customer Designed Units
    • Condesate/Seal Pots
    • Studding Outlets
    • Plate Flanges - Laterals
    • Fabricated Cross/Te
    • Stub Ends
    • Pipe Spools
    • Structural Steel

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