FRP Chemical Resistant Strainers

FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) basket strainers , Y type strainers , and duplex basket strainers are manufactured to qualities that exceed industry standards. FRP strainers are resistant to many industrial chemicals which are possibly corrosive or damaging. The full strainer line features complete custom engineered design and fabrication expertise within a quality focused state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

All of the FRP chemical resistant strainers feature the following 5 part construction:

  • Two Chemical Barriers: Nominal thickness 10 mils of Nexus veil, 90% resin to 10% reinforcement: (Layers 1 & 4)
  • Anti-wicking Barrier: 100 mil of chopped strand glass, 75% resin to 25% reinforcement: (Layer 2)
  • Structural Layer: Filament wound continuous roving, wind angle 55 deg: 30% resin to 70% reinforcement: (Layer 3)
  • Exterior Protection: Polyester resin gel coating: 10 mil thickness: (Layer 5)

FRP Strainer Products:

P-Series FRP Strainer

P-Series FRP strainers are composed of pipe systems that are highly resistant to corrosion and have a chemical resistant barrier. This series of FRP strainers are suggested for use in environments with moderate to aggressive corrosion.

H-Series FRP Strainer

H-Series FRP strainers can withstand corrosion in environments up to 200°F and have high resistance to oxidizing agents, solvents and strong acids. These FRP strainers are favored in mineral processing applications and are suggested for hot concentrated hydrochloric acid (HCI).

A-Series FRP Strainer

A-Series FRP strainers are highly resistant to erosive slurries, which is why they have been the preferred strainer for Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) projects for over 35 years. The material of the A-series strainers, exceeds the performance of standard FRP, rubber lined carbon steel and alloy piping in fine particle slurries such as: gypsum, lime and limestone.

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