HVAC Industry

HVAC equipment manufactured for industrial and residential applications must meet demanding specifications for performance reliability. Products supplied by the specialists at the Marshall J. Brown Company play a major role in the engineering and optimized performance of heating, cooling and ventilation equipment. Our products and services help HVAC systems achieve superior levels of reliability and efficiency by supporting functions including zone control, flow control and essential safety features.

Advantages of Our HVAC Industry Products

Marshall J. Brown product lines offer advanced, reliable solutions that help HVAC systems achieve:

  • Superior efficiency. With energy conservation and efficiency having emerged as key considerations in the HVAC industry, our products help you build systems that use less power by supporting advanced designs, including zoned control and smart capabilities.
  • Improved performance. We supply products designed and built by the world's leading manufacturers, benefitting HVAC system performance and delivering an extended lifespan.
  • Enhanced safey. Safety is of paramount importance in the HVAC industry, especially when it comes to a system's ability to maintain high levels of indoor air quality and eliminate the circulation of pollutants, particulate matter and potentially dangerous gases. Our precision products support advanced safety features, with scalable applications for projects of all scopes and sizes.

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The Marshall J. Brown team offers more than 150 years of continuous combined experience working for our family-owned and operated business. Superior service, advanced knowledge and outstanding customer support are the hallmarks of our company. We also offer afterhours service and expedited shipping to help keep your projects on schedule and on budget.

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