Oil & Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is undergoing change as companies continue to explore new and non-traditional environments. Innovation is reshaping long-established standards and default extraction strategies, and the tools that power these new technologies must meet rigorous performance and safety standards to ensure the security of field personnel and the economic efficiency of operations procedures.

At the Marshall J. Brown Company, we support the ongoing efforts of clients and partners in the oil and gas industry as they work towards aggressive productivity objectives. In addition to providing trusted products made by the world's leading manufacturers, we also offer custom in-house fabrication capabilities to customers who require solutions that conform to unique specifications.

Complete Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

Our suite of products and services deliver dynamic and reliable solutions for all three of the oil and gas industry's major sectors:

  • Upstream: Companies working in the upstream sector are heavily focused on exploration and production (E & P) operations. Exploratory operations include both underwater and underground processes, and Marshall J. Brown Company provides a complete suite of flow control, piping, valve and safety products that deliver outstanding performance in these demanding work environments.
  • Midstream: Safety and security are key objectives of midstream clients involved in the storage, transportation and marketing of petroleum goods. We offer a wide range of products that are specially engineered to support these activities, all at highly competitive prices.
  • Downstream: The refinement and delivery of processed petroleum products marks the final phase of the production lifecycle, which we support with a comprehensive inventory of components and equipment your business can rely on to maintain its performance efficiency and competitive advantage.

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